Puerto Galera… Not Just for Scuba Diving!

The picturesque beaches, coves and excellent diving of Puerto Galera have been attracting divers since the early 1980’s. Still viewed primarily as a dive destinations, there are a variety of activities that Puerto Galera has to offer. These alternatives to diving were initially set up to give divers something else to do whenever they had a break from the water, and now provide activities for all ages.

Most dive centers and resorts can organize a variety of other water sports, such as sea kayaking around the coves and islets, water skiing and some windsurfing, and of course snorkeling trips separately or in conjunction with some dive trips.

While on these trips you can camp in one of the many deserted coves around the island. Day trips can also be made to the majestic Tamaraw Falls, where you also may pass through traditional Mangyan (local tribespeople) Villages. Four-wheel drive vehicles or jeepneys can be rented for the day but it is recommended that you take a tour guide who will lead you to the most scenic spots.

Tamaraw Falls – © Arj Muñoz

Those who are interested in the culture and history of the port, a good place to visit is the Excavation Museum (part of the Philippine National Museum), which is located near the church. The Chinese influence, from the days when Puerto Galera was on the Trade Route, is obvious from the artifacts of display, which include pottery and sculptures from the 9th century.

The well-established Yacht Club is open to guests, as is the nine-hole Ponderosa golf club, which is situated in the mountains south-west of Puerto Galera. There is tremendous view of the harbor and the Verde Passage from the club, which is about 600m above sea level.

A short visit to the local Museum should be on anybody’s agenda to get a glimpse about Puerto Galera’s
history and environs. – © Arj Muñoz

In the late afternoon, after a day of diving, or exploring the countryside, why not enjoy the sunset with a drink in one of many beachfront restaurants and bars. On White Beach, informal beach volleyball games take place for the more energetic, but hammocks are available for those who would rather spend their time relaxing. Good restaurant and bars serve international cuisine are reasonable prices, and the nightclubs of Sabang Beach will have you partying until the early hours.