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In almost every bay with a beach that's at all useable, you'll find cottages for local and foreign tourists. To the east, resorts have sprung up at Sabang Beach, Small La Laguna Beach and Big La Laguna Beach. To the south, they go as far as Tabinay Beach. To the west, Talipanan Beach development has almost reached its limit. While the main beaches have electricity, considering the number of power failures, it's a good idea to have a torch handy.

Sabang is a more 'happening' place for visitor, especially after dark, and it might not be everybody's scene.

It can get very hectic and loud at night around the discos and bars. Some restaurants have been built on sites close to the water and the remaining beach is almost completely blocked by outrigger boats.


Puerto Galera Beaches
Photo © Arj Muñoz


A hill path takes you through a palm grove and over a grassy meadow to Escarceo Point, two km east of Sabang. There you can go to the top of the 14m high lighthouse where you can get a gorgeous view, especially at sunrise and sunset.

There is also some action to be found on Small La Laguna Beach, although it is maybe a bit more relaxed. The beach itself is not particularly impressive. The most popular activities during the day are snorkeling and diving. many travelers prefer to stay overnight at Small La Laguna Beach, or just spend the days there, and go out at night at the nearby Sabang Beach.

At Big La Laguna Beach there's a lot of activity. Some of the cottages here are packed close together, but the coral reef is worth seeing and is good for snorkeling.


Puerto Galera Beaches
Photo © Arj Muñoz

The reefs at Balete Beach, Long Beach and Haligi Beach are also good for snorkeling, but careful: strong currents can make Boquete Beach dangerous for swimmers.

There's not much action on the beaches between San Isidro and Talipanan Point, a few km wet of Puerto Galera. The busiest one of them all is White Beach. On the other hand, the adjoining beaches of Aninuan and Talipanan in the next bay are extremely quiet. All three of them are good bathing beaches although - unlike the beaches mentioned above - snorkeling is not particularly interesting there. The water at White Beach gets very deep a few metres from shore - too deep for children and non-swimmers.


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