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Diving holidays in exotic locations used to be an unattainable goal for most people. It is now possible to get package holidays from HolidayHypermarket and make your dream come true. For anyone who loves snorkelling and Scuba diving, head for The Philippines.

Puerto Galera is located in the Oriental Mindoro area. It is not only one of the most beautiful bays of the world, it is also one of the best diving places in the world. There are some great beaches, like the Sabang Beach and White Beach, where there are lots of restaurants and bars.

The natural wildlife is stunning. The Puerto Galera area has one of the best coral reef snorkelling and Scuba diving available in Asia. The Batangas, located in the Puerto Galera area, is home to various types of coral, like table coral and staghorn coral. There is plenty of marine life, from exotic fish species to white tip sharks and barracudas. You may also come across turtles. Bring your underwater camera to get some great shots of this unforgettable experience.

Escarceo Point is very popular for diving, but be careful as the currents are strong and it is best to have a local guide with you. There are about 20 diving centres in the area, so plenty to choose from. Some of these places will also make it possible for you to go water skiing, or rent a speedboat or jet-ski.

There is also a marine research centre and the reefs have been declared a marine reserve, to protect the area for future generations.

When you fancy a change from diving, head for the mountain ranges of Mindoro. Tamaraw Falls is a short drive away and you can take a freshwater swim at this site of natural beauty.

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